Laboratory of nano- and microsystem technology

Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University


External collaborations

The lab initiated a collaboration center of micro-technologies, involving a number of collaborating groups from various workgrouops  of St. Petersburg Polytechnical University, such as Physics of Semiconductors, Technologies and Materials of Semiconductor Industry, Experimental Nuclear Physics, Compressor Industry, Combustion Engines, Mechanics and Control, Theoretical Thermo-technologies, Analytical and Information Technologies, High Voltage Technologies and others.

As an example of collaboration — the lab of Theoretical and Simulation Mechanics  provides numerous simulations of mechanical and electrical properties of MEMS devices.

We also collaborate outside of the center with organizations, like Aero-space academy, industrial factories like Giro Optics, Design Buro ‘Impuls'(i.e. Pulse), Svetlana (semiconductor and vacuum bulb factory), Avangard , Dalsvyaz (distant communication), LOMO (optics), FTI (physical technical institute) and others.

To promote MEMS technologies we present lectures and seminars for staff of academic institutes and teaching colleges of St. Petersburg. There have been about 30 seminars since 1998.

We present our work on various Russian conferences, such as Conference on extreme robot technology (June 1999), Diagnostics of Energetic Equipment (June 1999), Distant Medical Control (Nov 1999), Micro Robot Technologies (Nov 1999), Non destructive Methods in Science and Technology NDTCS-2000 (June 2000), Sensors and Microsystems SENSOR 2000 (June 2000), IV VNMK ‘Fundamental Research in Technical Institutes (June 2000).