Laboratory of nano- and microsystem technology

Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University


Archive 1 of projects

1.Vibrational micro-gyroscope with electrostatic comb gear (Converters)
The design and topology of the converter is developed. The scheme of a technological route is designed.
Separate operations of manufacturing of devices of the converter and its assembly, and also technological route as a whole are completed experimentally. Experimental samples of converters are manufactured, the study of their electromechanical characteristics is conducted. The designed process engineering contains a number of «know-how» both in the scheme of a technological route, and in separate technological operations. The activity is executed for creation of integrated small-sized navigational systems.

2. Semiconductor Tense converter
The design and process engineering of the pressure transducer manufacturing as extrasmall assembly is designed on the basis of the silicon membrane converter. In a design the details are applied, the process engineering of which manufacturing makes a subject of laboratory’s «know-how». Experimental samples of microsensors are developed and their tests on a shock tube of SPBSTU are carried out. The activity is executed for the purposes of research, tests both monitoring of compressor devices and aggregates. The mathematical simulation of dynamic responses and strength is proceeded at different operating pressures and temperatures.

3. Micro-nozzles for gasodynamic fluxes structure research
The design of a microprobe in the shape of a needle, with the measuring pneumohead, built in it and three gas channels is produced. Outside diameter of a needle — 2.6 mm, cross-section of orifices of the pneumohead are 0.3×0.4 mm in diameter. The formation process of photolitographic engineering of the measuring pneumohead is designed. Experimental samples of microprobes are manufactured and transferred for operational use.  The development is executed for the purposes of gas-dynamic devices diagnostics.

4. Micro-jet turbines
The calculation of geometric parameters of a device’s flowing part is made. The design is developed and the experimental models of micronozzles with different geometry are manufactured.  The experimental improvement of technique of micronozzles signature analysis is executed by purging with air. The development is performed for the purposes of distributed thrust devices improvement.  The mathematical simulation gas flow and strength is performed at different operating pressures and temperatures.

5. Diffusion leak for helium leak detectors
The design and process engineering of a planar diffusive reference device construction is developed on the basis of a corrugated diaphragm made from SiO2. Such design has high strength at small width and considerable area of a diaphragm and provides a capability of manufacturing of a broad spectrum of the etalons for helium leak detectors calibration. The mathematical simulation and calculation of devices part parameters is done. The design and topology are manufactured. The formation technological route is designed and experimentally operations of manufacturing are completed. The design saves strength at pressure up to 3,5 bar (3,5 multiple margins of safety) provided at width of a diaphragm no more than 1 um and provides a capability of reference leaks creation in a broad band leaking at good reproducibility.

6. Thermal converter to measure mean power of AC current
The thermal converter is alternating-current developed for application in the field of a metrology and measurement technology. Other possible applications are the flowmeters, sensors of a rough vacuum and sensors of tangent friction for boundary-layer measurements of gas. The design of the converter and process engineering of its manufacturing is proceeded. The simulation of heat flows and electrical characteristics of the converter is done, the calculation of parameters of devices is made. The design and topology are developed. The formation technological route on manufacturing of the microconverter is completed.  On a plate of silicon of diameter 76 mm by a formation method it is possible to receive up to 300 converters.

Archive 2 of projects

Each device required a full development cycle, ending with a successful testing of experimental prototypes and manufacturing of small series

1. Highly sensitive piezoresistors
In-house developed technology of vacuum deposition of poly-crystal tense sensitive films of AIVBVI compound provided reproducible high (200 units) tense sensitive coefficient.

2. High-temperature piezoresistors
Using semiconductor compounds there developed a technology of tense-resistors with working temperature up to 600 Centigrade.

3. Medical tense-pressure gauge for measuring pressure in human blood vessels
In this project we collaborated with medical experts, who provided specifications for mechanical design and proper materials compatible with human body. The gauge is installed into a conventional surgical tube for vein injections and for insertion into veins and artery. Together with doctors we developed electronic scheme for multi-channel monitoring of patient after surgery.

4. Vacuum micro-converter
This project ended up with a medium series with industrial application.
There we developed a micro-gauge of discharge using a thermo-converter with silica membrane and convoluted suspension from SiO2.

5. Force sensor
The sensor design is based on semiconductor mono-crystal tense-converter. The design of conventional sensor is altered by using silica organic compound in the sensing edge. The device is further developed for sensing elements of microrobots.